Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our life of four!

 When Suri's first birthday came we decided to have another baby...five weeks past and I found out I was pregnant with our secunt child...then the sixth week came and I lost the baby. I was devastated and then Tom and I talked about it and decided to try again in three weeks...well after three weeks we found out I was pregnant now we have 2 beautiful kids..our new addition was born on February 21st 2013...we have a beautiful little boy name David James Stephenson. now we are trying to juggle 2 kids lol :) and we are loving it!
                                                   Suri at 22 months 4 days before christmas

                                                                 32 weeks prego
                                                             DJ 2 days old
                                                            DJ 2 weeks old

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our blessings

Well life has been busy this month..we have been cleaning out the house down stairs and as we were doing brought back a lot of memories of trials and blessings in our life together of the past 5 years... first over coming sickness and beating the odds from the doctors at being able to over come not walking...second is finding out we were about to have a baby when we thought we wouldn't be able too...and then having our beautiful daughter who has bettered our life tremendously....we are so blessed to have the life we have...I couldnt ask for more....the life I had in the past is just the past...I never dreamed I would have the life and family and friends that I do....I am so blessed!!!

 Suri at 10 months old

Suri's goofy smile...when she knows she is being funny

Suri at 4 months old---pic's by Jessica southfild

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

life with a 9 month old

 Well life has been busy for us in the past nine months of Suri's life...she is growing like crazy and talking and trying to walk lol....aolt has happened Tom will be going to school most likely in spring or fall we hope...Suri will be 1 in a month and  a half....there is always something to get done when you have a hubby and a child...I finally got the hunger games done...and they were really good...can't wait for the movie are a few pic's of Suri.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

 Here is my sis in law Kautri's b-day cake a few months is made out of Home made marshmallow fondant.
 Here is another cake I made for my friend Amanda...she loves music

my upside down cake

 Here is my CTR cake that I made for someone in church for there kids baptism a few month back.... 
Here is the cake after Tom dropped it upside down right in the front of the front doors of the

Suri is growing so fast!!!

 Here is Suri at 6 months and 3 time fly's bye.

My 25th Birthday party