Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our life of four!

 When Suri's first birthday came we decided to have another baby...five weeks past and I found out I was pregnant with our secunt child...then the sixth week came and I lost the baby. I was devastated and then Tom and I talked about it and decided to try again in three weeks...well after three weeks we found out I was pregnant now we have 2 beautiful kids..our new addition was born on February 21st 2013...we have a beautiful little boy name David James Stephenson. now we are trying to juggle 2 kids lol :) and we are loving it!
                                                   Suri at 22 months 4 days before christmas

                                                                 32 weeks prego
                                                             DJ 2 days old
                                                            DJ 2 weeks old


Tyler said...

Congratulations on the new addition! You have some pretty adorable kids! Hope you are doing well! Email me sometime!

Ps this is Kenzie not Tyler :)

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